* Login problems to our Control Panel using Microsoft Internet
* Explorer browsers after a recent Windows Update (after 4/Feb/2004)

 Microsoft finally got around to fixing the URL-spoofing vulnerability 
 which allowed spammers to put invalid characters in a URL and change 
 what displayed in the status bar. Unfortunately, MS threw out the baby 
 with the bath-water... The fix ignores ALL username/password based URL's.
 The "http://username:password@netregister_server/panel" can be useful for 
 making quick login bookmarks for our users. 

 Fortunately, there is a registry key that can be adjusted to re-enable 
 the old behavior (the invalid characters are now shown on the status bar 
 to prevent spoofing). 

 Proceed as follow:

 1) Open your Microsoft Internet Explorer
 2) Go to the following url:
 3) Select "Open the file..." and click "OK"
 4) Confirm the update of your Registry (Click "Yes" or "OK")
 5) Close the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer and restart it.
 6) Try to login to the Control Panel.

 ** Only for experts **

 Open REGEDIT and create the following reg-key (use HKLM for all users 
 or HKCU for just the current user) and set it to 0: 

 set a DWORD value "iexplore.exe" to zero. ("iexplore.exe"=dword:00000000)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question

NetRegister Staff.