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NetMoto - Search Engines Submission

The best way to create new business and generate traffic on your websites is to submit your domain to the Search Engines and the Directory used by all the Internet Community to search products and services into the web. Statistics say that more then 85% of Internet users use search engines to find the sites they want. By this way they offer a great number of contacts at minimum costs compared to the high costs of a traditional marketing campaign.

"NetMoto" is an automatic registration service that NetRegister offers you and you will start driving valuable traffic to your Website, besides you will have a promoting campaign "made to measure". A manual submission would need a few days of work and registration fees that some Search Engines want. By this completely automatic method NetRegister offers you two kind of services: NetMoto Light and NetMoto Pro.

NetMoto Light is a service for no-professional users that we offer at the lowest prices. We offer you the submission to over 700 Search Engines. We submit your websites only once when you buy this service. We must remark that owing to the thousands of registration requests that Search Engines receive, the real submission of your domain to different engines sometimes takes even 5 or 7 weeks. We guarantee that the submission get always a good result, you only have to wait a little longer.

NetMoto Light includes:

Check our service costs or go to submission. See also our faq.
We suggest you to consult our advice to go and grow online.

NetMoto Pro is a service for professional users or for them who want to encourage a marketing campaign for their websites. Your domain will be submitted to over 400 Search Engines and we guarantee the submission within 48 hours for a good 125 of them! A quick and easy service that allows you to save time. With NetMoto Pro you will be one step ahead of other people, besides our service guarantees the re-submission to all the Search Engines every month for the first year of submission, so you can avoid that your competitors take your place in the list of Search Engines.

NetMoto Professional includes:

Check our service costs or go to submission. See also our faq.
We suggest you to consult our advice to go and grow online. © 2002-2004 email: