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Basic Services included: domain registration/transfer, Welcome Page, DNS Manager, Web Server, Mail Server, Web Redirect, E-mail Forwarding, Control Panel, WebStats, Tools, Workgroup Manager, Technical support... click for more info... Hosting Basic: Unlimited web space, n. 1 POP3 E-mail account, n. 1 E-mail forwarding, Ftp account, WebStats, SSI, Cgi Scripts... click for more info... 
Hosting Light: Unlimited web space, n. 5 POP3 E-mail account, n. 3 E-mail forwarding, Ftp account, Php, Perl, MySQL database, minimum bandwith, WebStats, SSI, Cgi Scripts, Form Mail... click for more info... Professional Submission to over 700 Search Engines and Directories like Google, AOL and others; Submission to country-specific Search Engines at no extra charge. Automatic submission for 12 months. Automatic Meta Tag generator. Monthly submission reports directly sent to your Email. Personal Control Panel...  
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do you need an SMS Server to send text messages from your database? SMS is the best way to comunicate with other people ! Use it now ... API to send SMS with your client e-mail (Microsoft OutLook Express, Eudora, Microsoft Exchange, etc.)

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  Register your domain online at the best wholesale prices ! Basic Services availables with domain registration & transfer; Advanced Services to manage your Business Site and E-Commerce.   A complete list of the extensions you can register. If you need more information about TLDs that are not on the list ask to NetRegister.

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DNS management via Control Panel!Register domains with our APIs!!!Register your domain with the E-mail Template System!!!
Our DNS management gives you all the features for directly control your MX records, A records and add CNames to your hostnames. You can use our dns servers that NetRegister setup with every domain registrations/transfer. You can also change the DNS information listed as authoritative for your domain name.
NetRegisters will soon be extending its range of reseller services to make domain registration even faster and more cost-effective. Our API (Application Programming Interface) will enable you to integrate with NetRegister database and sell domains in real-time to your customers from your own website, 24 / 7.
If you register domains frequently or in bulk, NetRegister domain template provides the quickest and simplest method. The template has new features enabling you to renew and transfer domains, and re-initiate failed transfers.

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Web hosting, free dns, url redirect pop3 account, email forwarding, php, mysql and perl server, control panel, web stats, search engines and more... Categorie di Inet-cliX: Webmaster NetRegister.Biz: Submit to Search Engines Domain submission guaranteed within 48 hours to over 125 Search Engines and Directories like AOL, MSN, Hotbot and Freeserve (main engines list). Global reach: monthly re-submissions to 400 internat... You can use the amount of Disk Storage Space that you want! The web space is used to hold your html documents, asp, images, etc. Each hosting plan includes unlimited amount of disk storage. Bandwidth is measured by established average monthly bandwidth. Be carefull with ISPs who offer "unlimited Traffic". They must definetely pay for their traffic same as we have to. Unlimited Bandwitdh is most likely a bad deal because they will limit the maximum traffic per second, resulting in a slow Server!!! Everytime someone visits your web site, they download a certain amount of data. The total amount of data downloaded at the end of the month by all of your visitors is your amount of Data Transfer (bandwith). Bandwidth is the amount of data, measured in Gigabytes per month, that clients may transfer due to any traffic originating from or going to their website. A large part of this traffic is web traffic (website visitors) but can also be FTP (file uploads), Anonymous FTP (file downloads), and even E-mail services. Each NetRegister hosting plan includes a certain amount of monthly data transfer. Additional data transfer (if needed) is available for an extra fee. Your Server bandwidth is constantly monitored at its dedicated port. You can monitor your daily, weekly and monthly traffic online at any time! NetRegister send you a monthly report to your preferred email. FTP Access You will have unlimited access to your account via FTP 24-hours a day to set up and maintain your Web site. You can work on HTML documents, graphics, and scripts locally, then upload files to your Web site when ready. FrontPage You can install Microsoft FrontPageŽ extensions for your account. This allows you to use the Microsoft FrontPage program to create and maintain your Web site. You may request that FrontPage extensions be installed within your Web site when placing an order for domain Web hosting services in the Domain Control Panel. Microsoft provides direct support for all FrontPage users. Unlimited FTP updates Our clients may publish and maintain their web sites through unlimited use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client software. Many development clients require FTP for publishing to the web. Web Tools In your Domain Control Panel you can find web space utilities. Order now: To start the service please go in your Domain Control Panel and click on Additional Services link. The FTP account parameters will be sent immediatly to your preferred email. This service will be added to the Base Services already included with the domain transfer/registration. warning: you must buy this service BEFORE buying any other Web Space Service (for example: Front Page extensions, ftp server, anonymous ftp, etc). Services Included at no additional costs: Php+MySQL+Perl Tools virtual web hosting , monitored web hosting , hosting services web , cheap web hosting domains , discount web hosting services , web hosting services explained , web hosting servers , web hosting packages , inexpensive web hosting , reviews web hosting ,