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Change of Assignee and Admin-c request form
with the SAME Provider/Maintainer
for .IT domains (preferably on headed paper)

In the event of a domain name transfer upon agreement of the parties, the transferee has to send to the Registration Authority a written statement signed jointly by the transferor and the transferee, and at the same time a new letter AR. When the RA receives the electronic form from the maintainer of the transferee, the Registration Authority carries on the assignation of the domain name according to art. 9 of the naming rules. In case of irregularities within the letter or the electronic form, the RA informs the provider/maintainer of the transferee and suspends the assignation of that domain name until everything has been sorted out.
If the new Registrant (assignee) and the new Admin-c are the same person (or the admin-c and the transfer requestant is the legal representative of that company) you can proceed with an unique operation. Otherwise (Registrant and Admin-c are not the same person), you must proceed with a Change of Assignee and then a Change of Admin-c request form.

New Assignee = New Admin-c:

  1. A joint declaration signed by the transferor and the transferee where it is clearly specified that the domain name is transferred
  2. New LAR (Letter of Assumption of Responsibility) that has the new admin-c = new assignee as requestant. In this letter the provider/maintainer name must be the old one (PHOENIX-MNT)

New Assignee != New Admin-c (after the operations above):

  1. New Change of Admin-c signed by new admin-c (must be a Natural Person)
  2. Another LAR that has the new admin-c as requestant. In this letter the provider/maintainer name must be the old one (PHOENIX-MNT)

Note: at point (1) please specify: name and surname, place and date of birth, residence address, identification number - ex. taxpayer code, passport number, identity card number.

Letters must be sent via fax to +39 050 570230.


  • If the transfer involves a company/public administration/association, the transfer requestant must be the legal representative of that company
  • Send the documentation to NetRegister Support that must send a new electronic form to the Authority.


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