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-> New !!! Six new TLDs availables: .at,,, .de, .es, .fm, .tv, .coop
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14 mar 2005
.DE domains at 15 euro!
Until 31 march, ".de" domain registrations at only 15 euro VAT included.

04 nov 2004
New hosting plans with unlimited web space!
Unlimited web space, unlimited mailbox size for POP3 accounts,
unlimited forward e-mails for aliases.
More services (Emails, Alias forwarding, php+MySQL) and Tools
(Counter, Form Mail, Dns check, SMS Gateway, SSI, Traceroute,
Access control to Web folders).
View our new prices!

31 aug 2004
SMS Gateway: SMS Messages via Web & SMTP
With SMS Gateway, a new service of NetRegister you will be able
to deliver Sms messages all over the world.
Through Web interface or from any E-mail client like Microsoft Outlook,
Eudora, Nescape Messager and Web Mail (without using plugin or
additional software) you can send prepayed SMS to any
recipient with a valid mobile number . More...

17 may 2004
New Policy for Domain Renewal
starting from 01 june 2004 NetRegister's Policy for domain renewal
will change: 15 days before the expire date for .IT/.COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO/.BIZ/.US/.UK domains;
30 days before the expire date for the other TLDs.
This will permit to our support to help whose admin-c that unintentionally
leave the domain go in NO-PROVIDER-MAINTAINER

10 may 2004
New tools for domain Control Panel
WebMail, FormMail, Counter, Ping Utility, TraceRoute Utility,
Dns Utility are new services added to the Panel.
Other utilities coming soon!

15 feb 2004
Login problems to our Control Panel
using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.
please verify NetRegister's instructions...

21 oct 2003
16 new TLDs availables
in on-line registration wizard of NetRegister:
.ac (Ascension Island), .be (Belgium), .bz (Belize), .cc (Cocos Island), .ch (Switzerland), .cn (China), .li (Liechtenstein), .md (Moldova), .nu (Niue), .ro (Romania), .ru (Russia), .sh (Sant Helena), .st (Sao Tomé), .su (Soviet Union), .tm (Turkmenistan) [also used as synonymous of Trade Mark], .ws (Samoa) [also used as synonymous of Web Site]

1 oct 2003
Now you can transfer your .info and .biz domains to NetRegister. With on-line transfer wizard you complete the transfer within few minutes!

1 aug 2003
Incredible prices, new promotions!
Domain registration or transfer: from 6.67 euro/year (+ VAT). Web hosting + domain registration: from 23.34 euro/year. Transfers: from 6.67 euro/year.
One year renewal: 11.67 euro.

24 nov 2002
New prices for domain registration.

24 aug 2002
Six new TLDs (Top Level Domains) availables!
in the on-line registration wizards of NetRegister:
.at,,, .de, .es, .fm, .tv, .coop.

18 jul 2002
Big .INFO Landrush success!
NetRegister has again had major Landrush success, with 1 in 3 customers making successful premium .INFO domain applications. Successful applicants have now had their premium domains added to their account.
Unsuccessful applicants have been refunded in full.

08 jul 2002
FM Summer Land Rush is now on!
Hundreds of the best .FM domain names have just been released for registration. The names include great category, place, music, radio, and generic names!

01 jun 2002
Bulk domain registration with new email template
If you register domains frequently or in bulk, NetRegister domain template provides the quickest and simplest method. The template has new features enabling you to renew and transfer domains, and re-initiate failed transfers !

01 jan 2002
Take the tour
Many of our customers say "its our domain management facilities that make us stand out". Take a tour of the free services you can use, when you register or transfer a new domain to NetRegister.

01 Oct 2001
Are you a reseller?
NetRegister will soon be extending its range of reseller services to make domain registration even faster and more cost-effective. Our API (Application Programming Interface) will enable you to integrate with NetRegister database and sell domains in real-time to your customers from your own website, 24 / 7.
If you want to be kept informed about the launch of our new API and other reseller services contact our Support Staff.


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