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Our Services

NetRegister offers you a lot of services for management and maintenance of your domain in the web. Use our services to register new domains and also transfer existing domain(s) here. You can manage these domains yourself using the web-based management features of our domain control panel. This means that you can use our site to register new domains, or if you already have your own domains, sub-domains, or hostnames you can move them to our DNS and use these great services.

All the Base services are INCLUDED in the yearly registration cost for each Internet domain (duties and VAT included). All of the Basic features described on our website are available to use with your domain free of charge for as long as you like. The only payment you make is to the registrar for your domain ownership fees. If you already have one or more domains, move them to us and use our powerful, friendly basic tools for free.

In the same way, if you have registered your domain for 10 years (see Many years registration) the Base services will be INCLUDED in the cost for 10 years.

With the Base services NetRegister however and ever gives you the possibility of using your web hosting and Emails that you had already bought and/or are hosted at another Provider; we will not force you to buy additional services when you register the domain. This is what distinguishes NetRegister! Its "core value" is the registration of millions of domains and the supplying of high quality services.

Besides the Base services, a lot of Additional Services are at your disposal to make a real Virtual Server (Web Hosting, POP3 Emails, Email Forwarding, ETRN Secondary MX, Static IP, Advanced Relay Mail Server, Front Page 2000 Extensions, SQL DataBase, ASP Scripts, PHP4 Server, Servlet and Java Server). You can directly and automatically activate every service from the Control Panel of your domain with the best quality and reliability guarantee in the market.

We are always at your full disposal for further information about the additional services at our Email:

Commercial requests can be examined at our Email:


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