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Gateway SMS - SMS Manager via Web

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SMS is the best way to comunicate with other people ! Use it now ...

SMS is the best way to comunicate with other people ! Use it now ...Short Message Service moostly known as SMS is service that's gives you possibilites to send short text message to GSM moblie phone rather know like cellphone. To send it you must have saved valid GSM message centre number (this number can be obtained from the network operator) and phone that is capable in GSM Phase 2+. With SMS you may discretly comunicate with your friends or family with places where this comunication is non accetable using voice. Of course there are also other way to use it - just think. Now you know that it's possible to send SMS from one cellphone to second but did you know that it's possible to send SMS directly from Internet using normal dial-up connection? Just use our SMS Gateway service to deliver sms messages to any mobile number around the world.

NetRegister's SMS Gateway is the innovative service that allows you to send SMS messages to a broad number of users in a very short time. SMS Manager permits you to reach, within a reasonable price, customers, resellers or friends, by sending SMS messages to GSM mobiles from your PC.

You can send your SMS messages through your domain control panel or via API for converting E-mail to SMS. Here, you can add contacts to your online address book, and then send the same SMS to different recipients or different messages to defined customer lists.

SMS Gateway not only brings clear savings by sending SMS messages through the Internet, but it also offers you the tools to manage your communication safely through a simple and easy to use web interface.

Do you need an SMS Server to send text messages
from your database?

The SMS server question is a common one that we receive here at NetRegister, and the answer is always the same, "No you don't..." That said, many consultants out in the market would have you believe otherwise, since this is where their daily bread and butter comes from.

The clear and simple fact is that NetRegister can provide you and your business with all the tools needed to integrate SMS with your existing system. With the variety of tools on offer, NetRegister lets you choose your preferred method of integration, enabling you to simply 'plug in' to our gateway and begin sending SMS messages to your database of subscribers. A simple example is integration using our SMS E-mail Template System product. Should you currently manage a system which already sends out e-mail alerts, in only a few minutes you can have it set up to send SMS messages as well.

What are the benefits of SMS?
SMS provides a powerful vehicle for service differentiation.
The benefits of SMS to the service provider are:

  • Increased call completion on wireless and wire-line networks by leveraging the notification capabilities of SMS
  • An alternative to alphanumeric paging services
  • Enabling wireless data access to corporate users
  • Provision of value added services such as email, voicemail and fax mail integration, reminder service, stock and currency quotes and airline schedules
  • Provision of key administrative services such as advice of charge, over the air downloading and service provisioning

You will directly communicate with:

  • selected groups of people, sending them offers and news
  • sales or assistance/maintenance networks
  • customers, supporting customer service activities
  • potential customers, through advertising campaigns

SMS Gateway benefits.

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Minimum Purchase Required
  • No Monthly Volume Requirement
  • Monthly Invoice
  • No Internetworking Fees
  • No Hidden Cost
  • No Port Fees
  • When it comes to message delivery, NetRegister is totally network independent , our message delivery undergoes sophisticated load balancing , and our intelligent routing technology will seek out the lowest cost routes
  • SMS software integration, with of API connections (SMTP) or Web interface, all which can be set up in real time
  • Real time reporting which includes up to date message delivery statuses
  • Both complete reports and summary reports can be pulled at any time from NetRegister's easy to use web based system
  • NetRegister offers one central account administration interface no matter how many products you choose to make use of
  • Low balance notifications are sent direct to users via e-mail and SMS
  • Fast delivery (2-6 seconds)
  • Recipient lists
  • Sender personalization
  • Address Book manager
  • Contact Group manager
  • Import/Export contacts manager
  • History of SMS delivery
  • Delivery type : at once or deferred
  • Old SMS forwarding
  • Personalized E-mail delivery notification
  • Use of tcp/ip generic protocols (SMTP) to send messages (API)
  • 'Template' system to send SMS via E-mail
  • Real time credit balance
  • Summary statistics

How to use SMS Gateway ?
If you already have a domain , enter your Control Panel and buy as an additional service the SMS Gateway package that best meets your needs. If you don't have a domain yet, you need to purchase one first and then buy SMS Gateway. You don't need to purchase hosting plans or POP3 accounts to use the service.

NetRegister purchases bulk volumes from networks and suppliers throughout the world. This enables us to offer more competitive pricing to our customers than other suppliers. We also firmly believe in adding value to SMS messaging service so that you can benefit from fast integration and easy to use tools!
Purchase the SMS Packs in your domain control panel in 'Additional Services' link; choose one of the following solutions:

GOLD Profile
Fee for each SMS
(VAT excluded)
100 SMS Pack
11,67 euro 
1000 SMS Pack
108,40 euro 
5000 SMS Pack
500,00 euro 
SILVER Profile
Fee for each SMS
(VAT excluded)
500 SMS Pack
45,85 euro 
10000 SMS Pack
767,00 euro 

For more information, consult our SMS Gateway FAQ section and price list.

Ready to start ?
SMS Gateway is immediately available in your control panel; you can begin to send sms messages all times you have an active credit balance. When you purchase SMS Pack and pay with Credit Card, the credits are immediately availables; if you pay with wire transfer NetRegister waits to receive the bank receipt by fax before to make sms credits availables for message delivery.l

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