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ServiceDescriptionPrice per year
PRO0100   URL forwarding+ 5 E-mail Forwarding16,67


  • Prices in Euro +20% VAT NOT INCLUDED (Where Applied)
  • Service fees has YEARLY expiry. Every 12 months you must Renew the service at the prices here above
  • You can start the service directly in your Control Panel (example) after the domain registration
  • Payment can be made with the OnLine system (using 128 bits secure server) by credit card, debit card and wire transfer
  • The service will be added to your Base Services included in the domain registration


Forward/redirect your domain name to any other URL/website on the web. Drive traffic to a website wherever it is hosted. With this service, your site is located where you decide but your domain is the only thing visitors will see in their browser. Meanwhile, visitor experience and your Web brand are strengthened because your URL stays short and memorable. With URL Forwarding, we can send anyone trying to go to your domain name (with the URL to your "real" website (, wherever it may be on the web. Simply setup in the domain control panel what your URL address is and we will forward any incoming requests for your domain directly to your site. This enables you to have a simple and easy to remember Web address. It also allows you to move from one ISP provider to another.
Save money and get the identity you want!

With the Base Services included (at no additional costs) with the domain transfer/registration NetRegister will have the right to insert in its own HTML form or publicity banners that enable the visitors of your web site to check the availability of domain names (click here for a sample or view our faqs). This additional service gives your site a professional image since NO publicity banners will be added from our part. See Free Url Forwarding pricing.

The destination-URL can be altered at each point in time during the 12-month period through your domain Control Panel.

Five new E-mail aliases (E-mail Forwarding) will be added to your Control Panel at the start of this service (click here for a sample).


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