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Rules for the assignment of a .BIZ domain name

(time rough for registration: in real time - 5 minutes max)

.biz is the first and only business-centric Top Level Domain and will become the most recognised symbol of business on the Internet. Registering a .biz not only gives businesses the opportunity to register previously unavailable domains, the strong identity of .biz will give your business greater impact on the web.

.biz domains are accessible globally by all Internet Service Providers. .biz utilises the most advanced data formats and architecture available to provide a more stable, scalable and secure domain name service. Over time, companies with a .biz address will be able to fully utilise the power of the Internet by implementing enhanced communication and commerce processes.

.biz must be used or intended to be used primarily for bona fide business or commercial purposes.
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  • The Registry assign the domain names to the registrants, following the chronological order of the requests; it's very important to complete the Netregister's form online for register quickly a domain

  • May be registered by private individuals and companies around the world

  • An unlimited number of domains may be registered by the same Registrant (Owner of the domain)

  • Certain domain names are reserved

  • The Official Web Site is located at the URL: ; WhoIs database is located here:

  • The registration procedures ends only when the domain it is uploaded in the database of domain names (WhoIs database), which is called the Registry of the Assigned Names (RAN)

  • To name your domain you can use any letter, numbers between 0 and 9, and the symbol "-" (hyphen)

  • The name can neither start nor end with the character "-" (hyphen)

  • Minimum domain name length: 3 letters (excluding the extension)

  • Maximum domain name length: 63 letters (excluding extension)

  • There is no difference between small and capital letters

  • All .biz domains must be registered for a minimum of 2 years

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Rules for the assignment of a .BIZ domain name