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Find the solution that fits your needs. If you want guidance on particular internet services or you want to know about the benefits that they can create for your business, select the relevant category below. If you know exactly what you are trying to achieve and which service you need, choose services in our main menu.

1. Register a domain it's very easy. On-line forms (wizards) requires all data needed to complete the registration process. The documents required will be sent to your preferred e-mail. Whatever business you are in, an Internet address or domain name is crucial for the future of your business. Imagine how often your company name, your address, your telephone number and your overall identity is used and referred to today and you will get some idea of the importance your domain name will have. Registering your domain is an important part of protecting your business. You may have spent a lot of time and money building your reputation, corporate identity and brands and if you fail to register appropriate domains you are open to abuse of this intellectual property. Your domain may be dictated by your business name, but already the reverse is becoming true with .com companies. Your domain name, not only reflects your business, the industry you are in and the country in which you operate, it is your customers’ first point of contact because it forms the basis of your email and web site addresses.

2. You can find any kind of Documents & Forms in our site with examples and technical procedures.

3. With the Domain Control Panel you can manage your domain parameters (Dns, Email, Url and Email Forwarding, statistics, etc). Once you decide to start making use of your domain name with your own website and email facilities, you will need to open one of our hosting accounts.

4. Always read our "Frequently Asked Questions" to find answers to your problems:

  1. FAQ: General
  2. FAQ: Registration
  3. FAQ: Top Level Domain (TLD)
  4. FAQ: .IT Domains
  5. FAQ: .COM Domains
  6. FAQ: Services
  7. FAQ: Letter of Assumption of Responsibility
  8. FAQ: Domain Names
  9. FAQ: Domain Control Panel
  10. FAQ: Search Engines

5. Do you want know step-by-step the registration process of your domain name ? Please read this:

  1. .IT domains
  2. .COM domains

6. The Italian Registration Authority Technical Procedures about registration of domains under .IT Top Level Domain (TLD). You can find Letter of Assumption of Responsibility here.

7. The violations of the Netiquette Rules must be brought to the attention of the Naming Authority Italiana and the Registration Authority Italiana by e-mail. You can find the complete procedure here.

8. To view documentation about .IT domain names disputes click here. For disputes about "generic" domains please click here.

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Please contact our Support Staff for any problem.

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