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The fax number for the procedure for changing the Internet Service Provider is +39 050 570230

Supposing XYZ company was an assignee of (the following points are valid also for geographical sub-domains of third and fourth level) domain and decided to change its Internet provider from ABC-MNT to PHOENIX-MNT (NetRegister).
Do this:

1. XYZ company must send a communication via ordinary mail or via fax (+39 050 570230) to the Italian Registration Authority stating the intention to change its ISP from ABC-MNT to PHOENIX-MNT(NetRegister). This communication has to be signed by the one reported as admin-c within the electronic form or by the legal representative of the company/body/association.

The communication has to include the following relevant data:

  • name and surname,
  • date and place of birth,
  • residence address,
  • identification number (ex. taxpayer code, passport number, identity card number) of the requestant (admin-c or legal representative),
  • company's headquarter location,
  • identification number (Chamber of Commerce or Enterprise registry registration number).

Letter sample (the text must be in Italian, preferably on headed paper) Below there is the English version, but ONLY to facilitate a better understanding of the content

Oggetto: cambio provider/maintainer

Il sottoscritto .................... (specificare: nome e cognome, data e luogo di nascita, indirizzo di residenza, codice fiscale), della societÓ XYZ (specificare: sede della societÓ/ente/associazione, numero di P. IVA), assegnataria del dominio, in veste di ....................................... ( RIPORTARE ESCLUSIVAMENTE: admin-c del dominio in oggetto o legale rappresentante del soggetto che ha in uso il nome a dominio) richiede il cambio di provider/maintainer da .......-MNT a PHOENIX-MNT.

Il sottoscritto (nome cognome)
Firma leggibile per esteso

"Ai sensi dell'art.10, comma 1, della legge 31 dicembre 1996, n.675, i dati personali forniti dai richiedenti saranno raccolti presso l'Istituto per le Applicazioni Telematiche per le finalitÓ strettamente connesse all'operazione di cancellazione del nome a dominio in oggetto e saranno trattati presso una banca dati dello IIT per lo svolgimento delle operazioni relative alla richiesta stessa.
Il conferimento di tali dati all'Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del CNR Ŕ obbligatorio ai fini della valutazione della domanda di cancellazione.
L'interessato gode dei diritti di cui all'art.13 della citata legge. Il responsabile del trattamento dei dati Ŕ il Direttore dell'Istituto di Informatica e Telematica."

Object: provider/maintainer change

Here, the undersigned.............................(specify: name and surname, place and date of birth, residence address, identification number - ex. taxpayer code, passport number, identity card number) of company XYZ, (specify: company's headquarter location and its identification number - Chamber of Commerce or Enterprise registry registration number) assignee of domain name, as ..........................................(EXCLUSIVELY: admin-c of the domain name or legal representative of the company that manages the domain name), requests the provider/maintainer change from ........-MNT to PHOENIX-MNT.

The undersigned (name and surname)
Legible signature in full

"According to art.10, 2nd paragraph, of Italian law n.675 of 31st December 1996, the personal data provided by the requestant will be gathered by the Institute of Informatic and Telematic exclusively to process the operation of provider change.
It is mandatory to provide the above mentioned data so that the Instituteof Informatic and Telematic will correctly examine the request of provider change.
The interested party has all rights that come from art.13 of the quoted law. The Director of the Institute of Informatic and Telematic is responsible of the data treatment."


2. On receiving this notification:

  • the RA modifies the domain present registration in the database (within 10 working days), modifying the value of "mnt-by" related attribute from "mnt-by: ABC-MNT" to "mnt-by: CHANGING-MNT".
    This last value corresponds to a maintainer created expressly to allow the immediate identification of those domains for which the ISP change is ongoing.
  • The RA sends to both the provider/maintainer a provider change statement and urges NetRegister to send an updated registration form for

3. Having received the new form (since the receiving of the syntactically correct form, RA has 10 working days to conclude the registration phase or to highlight some faults to NetRegister), RA does this:

  • checks the primary and secondary nameserver configuration for that domain;
  • adds the postmaster e-mail address in the list, if it is not there yet;
  • erases the old form postmaster address, if the person was only the postmaster for the domain;
  • modifies, if necessary, the delegation of on the nameserver of .IT (in case of sub-geographical domains in which the related geographical domain is not managed by RA, the RA sends the delegation modification request to its manager);
  • carries out the new form registration in the RA and RIPE databases;
  • communicates the delegation change to the old provider/maintainer.

4. Herewith, please read and take note of the art.5.2 of the Registration Technical Procedures:

"The assignee of a domain name sends the request for changing maintainer/provider. This request must be signed by the one indicated as admin-c in the registration form or by the legal representative of the subject that uses the domain name. The request must specify the name of the present and the future maintainer.

The Italian Registration Authority modifies the content of the "mnt-by" field within the electronic form (contained in the RNA) and inserts the value "CHANGING-MNT", that identifies the domain names which are currently changing provider/maintainer.

Then, the Registration Authority sends an e-mail to the providers/maintainers involved in this change, communicating the beginning of this procedure. Consequently, the RA invites NetRegister to send via electronic mail the new registration form for the domain name, updating the data.

At this time, the RA applies the check procedures as described in art. 2.2.2, 2.2.3 and 2.2.4. Furthermore, the RA checks that the previous provider/maintainer has removed the delegation. If the previous provider/maintainer does not do so, it will be stopped from registering domain names in the future"

We strongly recommend you read the most frequent mistakes list reported below in order to pre-check your request.

5. The provider/maintainer change most frequent mistakes:

  • The requestant is not the admin-c of the domain name, nor the legal representative of the company which manages the domain name;
  • The business/corporate name of the company is not the same as the one indicated when the domain name was registered;
  • The business/corporate name is not indicated in full (Ex. The requestant belongs to PIPPO Srl, but the request comes from PIPPO);
  • The letter has not been signed;
  • The letter is not legible;
  • The names of the old and the new provider/maintainer are not indicated correctly (Ex. It is indicated the name of the POP that backs the maintainer);
  • The provider/maintainer name is not indicated with the MNT abbreviation (in order to check the correctness of the provider/maintainer name, we invite you to make a query to the WHOIS database, typing the provider/maintainer name);
  • The new provider/maintainer has not signed a contract with the Registration Authority yet;
  • The domain name is still under registration or does not exist in the RA database.


Time rough

From 4 hour to 2-3 days (if all documents received by RA are correct).

Note: the Registrar/Maintainer transfer procedure is always started by the replacing Registrar/Maintainer instead of the previous Registrar/Maintainer.


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