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How much does Domain Parking cost ?
15 euro for one year. .biz and .info domains require a minimum two year initial registration.

What does it mean to "park" a domain ?
In order for you to register a domain name you need a Domain Name System (DNS) server to host it. When you register a domain name with NetRegister, we are hosting your domain name on our DNS. We are holding or "parking" the domain name for you. You have the option to move your domain name off of our servers to another Internet Service Provider (ISP) or host provider at any time.

I already have a domain name registered. How do I transfer it to NetRegister to use your services ?
From the NetRegister home page (, click on the "Transfer your Domain" or "Change Registrar" link. This will take you to the Domain Relocation Wizard, which will take you through the process of transferring your domain to NetRegister.

What happens when I transfer my domain to Domain Direct ?

Domain transfers are a multi-step process. After you complete the online forms, the following happens:

  • We send the transfer request to our registrar, OpenSRS.
  • OpenSRS sends a request for confirmation to the current administrative contact of the domain.
  • When OpenSRS receives confirmation, they will evaluate it. If they are satisfied that the person requesting the transfer has the authority to make the transfer, they send the transfer request to the losing registrar.
  • If the losing registrar has no valid reason to deny the transfer, they approve it.
  • When OpenSRS receives the approval, the registrar transfer is initiated.
  • When the registrar transfer is complete, OpenSRS notifies us. We then have the Name Servers for your domain changed to NetRegister's, and notify you that the transfer is complete.

What is the difference between an OpenSRS registered domain and a domain registered with another company ?
There's no difference between a name registered with OpenSRS and a name registered with any other company.

I just registered my domain name, and you sent me an email which says that you have registered it, but when I type it into my Web browser, it says the domain can't be found. Why ?
When you receive the email confirming the registration of your new domain, there are many more steps still to be done behind the scenes. Your domain will be entered into the global WhoIs database, and your registration must travel to all the ISPs in the world. It will be 24-48 hours after you receive the confirmation email before you will be able to go to your domain with your Web browser.

Why not take advantage of this wait to set up your Website or URL Forwarding, and Email Services in your personal Control Panel ?

What problems could delay or prevent the transfer of my domain to NetRegister ?

If the e-mail address of the current administrative contact for the domain is invalid, you won't receive the confirmation e-mail and won't be able to confirm the transfer. Please see the next question for information about correcting your e-mail address.

The losing registrar can deny a transfer for several reasons: if the domain is not paid for, if the domain is less than 60 days old, if the domain is involved in a legal dispute, or at their discretion.

  • Domain is not paid for: If your domain is due for renewal with the losing registrar, you have up until the day before the renewal date to complete the transfer of your domain. After that, you will have to pay the losing registrar's renewal fee before you will be able to transfer your domain.
  • Domain is less than 60 days old: A domain cannot be transferred within the first 60 days after it has been registered. Transfers within the first 60 days will be automatically declined by the losing registrar.
  • Domain is involved in a legal dispute: If your domain is the subject of a litigation matter, involved in a bankruptcy proceeding, trademark dispute or dispute over the identity of the registrant, the losing registrar will refuse to transfer your domain.
  • At the discretion of the losing registrar: The losing registrar of your domain can also deny the transfer at their discretion. Your transfer cannot be denied without valid reason, however.

The current administrative email for my domain is invalid. How do I correct it ?

Unfortunately this can cause headaches with some other registrars. Please make sure that the administrative contact e-mail address for your domain is correct before you submit your transfer request, or you will experience unnecessary delays.

Network Solutions
Network Solutions uses an e-mail template-based system to make modifications to domains and contact information. The modification requests must come from the e-mail address they have on file. If that e-mail address is no longer valid, it is impossible to meet this requirement.

To change your e-mail address if it is invalid, you will first need to submit a request to change the contact e-mail address to, then you will need to fax a "Letter of Authorization".

The form to submit to can be found at:

The fax form and instructions for completing it can be found at:

If Network Solutions does not reply to your request in a reasonable amount of time, or you are having difficulties with the forms, you can contact them by telephone at +1 703 742-4777. Network Solutions can be reached toll-free at (888) 771-3000 from U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Note(1): Some domains are setup with Network Solutions using a method other than the standard MAIL-FROM Auth Scheme (CRYPT-PW or PGP). If you have setup your domain this way, you should be able to update your e-mail address without any difficulties using your preferred method. Please contact Network Solutions if you have any problems.

Note(2): Domains registered with Network Solutions' WorldNIC service can modify their contact info at: You will need your WorldNIC Account Number and Account Password to make the modifications. If you have forgotten your Account Number or Account Password, you can contact Network Solutions Customer Service by telephone at (888) 642-9675, or +1 703 742-0914 outside the U.S. These telephone numbers are only for WorldNIC customers; other inquiries should use the numbers above. uses a User Name/Password system in order to make modifications to the Administrative contact, but requires a response from the current e-mail address before they will finalize the change. If this e-mail address is invalid, you won't be able to reply and the change will not be made.

You can contact by creating a customer service ticket at: Select "Contact Information Changes" as the subject and complete the rest of the form, indicating in the Notes section that the e-mail they have on file for you is no longer valid and you need to change it to a valid address.

If does not reply to your ticket in a reasonable length of time, or you are having difficulties with the form, you can contact them by telephone at +1 212 594-9880. can be reached toll-free at 800-899-9702 in the U.S. and Canada.

Other Registrars
No other registrars that we are aware of require that your e-mail address be valid in order to update it. Most registrars now use a User Name/Password or similar system for modifications to your domain. Your registrar should have provided you with details on how to change your contact information at the time you registered your domain. If you do not have this information, check their Website.

How much does it cost to transfer my domain to NetRegister ?
15 euros. All NetRegister fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once your domain has been transferred to our service.

Are there any other fees if I transfer my domain name to NetRegister ?
No. Because you are transferring your domain registration to the NetRegister system, you no longer have to pay any registrar fees to the company you first registered your domain with (e.g., Network Solutions,

If I transfer my domain to NetRegister, how long will I have your service for ?
Your length of service will be one year. This is in addition to any time you currently have remaining on your domain.

What services do I receive if I transfer my domain to NetRegister ?
All the "Included Services" or "Base Services" you can find in our website homepage. Transfers receive the same levels of service that new registrations do.

How long does it normally take to transfer a domain name ?
It normally takes 5-10 business days to successfully transfer your domain to our servers. If you requested a transfer of your domain more than ten (10) business days ago and haven't heard anything back from us, please contact our Technical Support staff at

Does this mean that I am transferring ownership of my domain to NetRegister ?
Absolutely not! When you transfer your domain to NetRegister, the only changes to your domain are the Name Server settings and the Technical Contact information. The Name Server change is required to use our services, while the Technical Contact is required so we can ensure your domain functions properly at all times. You are still the owner of your domain, and retain full administrative control at all times.

Domain Transfer Glossary

Registrar: A registrar is a company that registers domain names.
Registrar Transfer: A registrar transfer is the process of moving the registration of a domain from one registrar to another.
Losing Registrar: The losing registrar is the registrar that a domain being transferred to another registrar is currently registered with. If your domain is currently registered with Network Solutions and you are transferring it to NetRegister, Network Solutions is the losing registrar.
Registrant: The registrant is the owner of a particular domain name.

How do I check domain name availability ?
To check for domain name availability, please visit
In the "www." field, enter the domain name you would like to register. A screen will appear, indicating whether or not the domain name you are interested in is available, with further instructions on how to proceed.

If the domain name is taken, it will appear as a link. By clicking on the link, you can see Contact and WHOIS information associated with the registered domain name.

What if the domain name I want to register is already taken ?
If the domain name you are interested in registering has already been registered, you may select another domain name that you would like to register, or try registering the same name within a different Top Level Domain. For example if is not available, try registering

I only wanted to register my domain name for one year, but your page defaulted my registration to two years. Can I get rid of the extra year ?
Once you have registered your domain name for a specified registration term, you cannot change the registration term.
NetRegister adheres to a no refund policy on all registered domain names. This includes all fees in whole or in part, even if your domain name registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred prior to the end of your current registration term. This policy agreement can be found at All customers requesting to use NetRegister's domain name registration services are bound by this agreement.

If you registered your domain name for a term that is longer than you had intended, you will contract the domain name for use for the duration of that period.

What are our payment modalities ?
Our payment modalities are:
- Wire transfer (Bank);
- Deposit slip (Post-office) mainly for Italian citizens and / or companies.
- Credit Card; NetRegister offer online payment possibilities (SSL 128bit - Verisign Certified Company) Nonetheless, you can always comunicate us your credit card details over fax.
The Domain Namess registrations can be done in real time. That is why we only register the domain name you applied for after having received a proof of payment.

Once I registered my domain name, how can I make use of it ?
After having registered your domain name you might want to create your own personal or business web site. Therefor you need to have web space. Aftewards you can also create your personalised e-mail address, for example The advantage of registering your domain name is that it is yours and it will remain yours for a period of 12 months. Your domain name is unique and no-one else may use it.
When registering your domain name through NetRegister we setup our authoritative DNS (Domain Name Server) as default dns. However you can also indicated your own DNS. This service is entirely free of charge. The DNS identifies the Internet computer to which the domain name you registered will be configurated.

NetRegister also offers its customers the possibility to redirect their domain name to already existing website. URL-forwarding implies that the domain name you registered will be redirected to another web address, leaving the domain name unaltered in the browserwindow. In our URL-forwarding services is included e-mail forwarding. E-mail forwarding consists in indicating an e-mail address of your choice on your web site, for example All messages that are being sent to that virtual e-mail address are delivered to the inbox of the address you currently use.
Another free service we offer is the change of IP (Internet Protocol Number). An IP address is really no more than a numerical address where hosts, computers or routers can find eachother on the Internet. This combination is unique, no two machines have the same IP address.

For further details about the services offered by NetRegister: Click on "SERVICES" in the menu.


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