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Letter of Assumption of Responsibility questions

What is the letter of undertaking of responsibility (LAR) ?
Through the letter of undertaking of responsibility, the domain name assignee becomes civilly and criminally liable in full for the use of the requested domain name.

This is why the LAR must contain the following information:

- applicant's identification details;

- understanding of the basics of the use of Internet network and resources;

- examination of the rules established by the Naming Authority (NA), concerning technical registration procedures;

- understanding of and compliance with the principles set forth by Netiquette document (URL).

Using a provision included in the LAR, the applicant can also undertake to remit any dispute related to the requested domain name to an arbitration committee established at the NA. Signing the arbitration provision is optional.

How many types of LARs do exist ?
They are five:

1. Natural persons (Individuals);
2. Associations/Foundations;
3. Boards/Institutes;
4. Independent professionals;
5. Companies/Firms.

Letters are to be drawn up as instructed by the assigning rules, provisions 4, and registration techniques, provisions 1.2.

Has the LAR to be sent on letterhead ?
No, letterhead is no longer compulsory.

Who has to send the LAR ?
The domain name applicant.

Do I need to send a LAR for every domain registration request ?
Yes, for every domain registration request you must send a LAR to +39 050 542420.

How many LARs can I simultaneously send by fax ?
We recommend no more than 4 pages.

How can a nic-handle be cancelled ?
If the nic-handle to be removed is not linked to a domain name yet, an application for cancellation - inclusive of the applicant's personal details - must be faxed to the RA (+39 050 570230). If such nic-handle is linked, instead, to a registered domain name, an application for cancellation must be sent by e-mail to

How can the right type of LAR be selected ?
One must always check how the assignee organisation is incorporated. It is important to check, for instance, if the organisation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce or if it is incorporated by statute or by law or legislative measure or administrative provision.

Do independent professionals have to provide their personal VAT registration numbers or that of the firm to which they are partners ?
For independent professionals, one must always check if the future assignee will be the independent professional or the office which the independent professional is generally a partner to. In the former case, the independent professionals' and the relevant LAR must be sent.

In the latter case, the companies' form must be sent.

Is there a craftsmen's register ?
No. There may be a one-man business of which the craftsman is the owner. In this case, it is important to send the companies' form instead of the independent professionals' form.

What does an independent professional have to enter in each area if he/she is not registered with any professional roll ?
The reason must be specified in the letter and "no registration in a professional roll required" or "not subject to registration in a professional roll" must be written in the special area.


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