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What is SMS?
Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive short alphanumeric messages to and from mobile telephones. SMS can also be used as a transport for binary payloads and to implement the WAP stack on top of the SMSC bear. SMS was created as part of the GSM Phase 1 standard.

Why use SMS?
SMS allows users to directly transmit messages to each other without the use of an operator (it is, however, necessary to have the underlying operator controlled wireless service). The first user can send a message to a mobile unit, via a direct connect computer. The SMS protocol of messaging is also "smarter" then standard paging. SMS is a store and forward method therefore, if the end user is not available, the mobile unit is powered off, or the unit is outside a service area, when the unit comes back on line the message will appear. A SMS message can also be sent "certified," where it will notify the message originator of the end user's receipt of the message.

How would you send an SMS Message over the Internet?
The front-end would simply be a section for the message (limit) and a destination address (mobile number). Then, based on your architecture, a lower layer would have to create the correct message based on the request or the message is generate server side. In the case of an end-user sending a message to a mobile unit, it would be a SMS-DELIVER message. Then entire message would then be "encapsulated" in a TCP/IP message and send to the appropriate Short Message Service Centre (SMSC). The MSC would then remove the TCP/IP layer from the message and process the message as if it were generated locally by an operator.
How would you send an SMS Message over the Internet?

What are the benefits of SMS?
SMS provides a powerful vehicle for service differentiation. The benefits of SMS to the service provider are:

  • Increased call completion on wireless and wire-line networks by leveraging the notification capabilities of SMS
  • An alternative to alphanumeric paging services
  • Enabling wireless data access to corporate users
  • Provision of value added services such as email, voicemail and fax mail integration, reminder service, stock and currency quotes and airline schedules
  • Provision of key administrative services such as advice of charge, over the air downloading and service provisioning

What potential applications can be envisaged, using the SMS?
Some of the potential applications of SMS technology, utilizing the Mobile Terminated and Mobile Originated SMS are:

  • Notification Services
  • E-mail Interworking
  • Paging Interworking
  • Information Services

How long does it take for my message to arrive?
Messages usually arrive within a few seconds (15-30 secs) of clicking the Send button.

How long can an SMS message be?
A maximum of 160 alphanumeric characters.

How do I send a message via email?
Address your email to our SMS Gateway System Template. For more instructions login to your domain Control Panel and read the 'Template Instructions'.


  • The 160 alphanumeric character limit remains in effect
  • Your email client's message format should be set to PLAIN TEXT

    In MS Outlook:

    1. Select the Tools menu-item from the menubar
    2. Select Options
    3. Select the Mail Format tab
    4. In the Message format section, at the Send in this message format: option, select Plain Text

      If any of the other options are selected (e.g. HTML, Microsoft Outlook Rich Text, or Microsoft Word), the message will not be sent correctly.

For specifics, please refer to the instructions into your domain Control Panel.

How do I send a message via web entry?
Login to your Domain Control Panel. Click on 'SMS Gateway' link and then click on 'New SMS'. The web gateway interface will appear and you will be able to send your SMS messages.

How do I contact you if I found a problem with your web site or I'm having problems sending short messages?
Please send an email to

How much it cost?
Please verify the SMS gateway price list here. Gold Profile differ from Silver Profile because it can set the Sender of the SMS Messages.

How to purchase SMS Gateway?
If you already have a domain, enter your Control Panel and buy as an additional service the SMS Gateway package that best meets your needs. If you don't have a domain yet, you need to purchase one first and then buy SMS Gateway. When ready, your Credit Balance is available for SMS Message delivery; go to 'SMS Gateway' link in the Control Panel, then 'New SMS' link...

How to send my SMS Messages?
It's very easy. Login to your Control Panel. If a credit is available, click on 'SMS Gateway' link, then 'New SMS' link, set mobile number of the recipient(s), write a short message text and click on Preview to continue... then Send.

Can I create an Address Book or a Recipient List?
Yes, you can.

Can I import contacts from a file?
Yes, it's possibile. Import contacts from file with a 'cut&paste' in a CSV format:

Can I send my SMS messages to different recipients?
Yes. You can add contacts to your online address book, and then send the same SMS to different recipients or different messages to defined customer lists.

I pacchetti SMS acquistati hanno una scadenza?
Si. I pacchetti prepagati devono essere utilizzati entro 12 mesi dalla data di acquisto. É comunque possibile acquistare sempre un pacchetto minimo (100) di sms prepagati per estendere la data di scadenza di ulteriori 12 mesi anche ai pacchetti sms acquistati in precedenza.

Can I set the sender of my SMS Messages?
Yes, with Gold Profile this function is available (only with italian carriers). With Silver Profile this function is not available.
Warning!!! . Sender personalization will be available until italian laws permit it; this function can be disabled in any time without advise.

Do I need and hosting plan (or POP3 accounts) with SMS Gateway?
No. To use SMS Gateway you only need Base Services availables with domain registration.

Posso conoscere lo stato di consegna dei miei messaggi sms?
Certamente. Attivando la Notifica Messaggi Inviati dal Pannello riceverai una e-mail di conferma dei messaggi inviati nella casella di posta elettronica che avrai indicato. Inoltre nel link 'Inviati' troverai un resoconto storico dei messaggi inviati con riportato eventuali errori, profilo, messaggi inviati/scartati, etc.

Esiste un resoconto storico-statistico dei miei invii?
Si, ordinato per mese. Tutti i messaggi inviati possono essere reinoltrati al Gateway Sms con un semplice click ed è possibile verificarne lo Stato di Invio in qualunque istante..

Is it possibile to export the Address Book?
Yes, it is. You can export your recipients (contacts) in a CSV format.

Posso inviare i messaggi sms in differita?
Si. Così non dimenticherai più anniversari, appuntamenti e ricorrenze! Basterà infatti inviare in anticipo il messaggio specificando la data e l'ora in cui dovremo consegnarlo a destinazione.

Quali sono le forme di pagamento previste per l'acquisto dei pacchetti sms?
Le medesime previste per l'acquisto di tutti i servizi NetRegister. Una volta scelto il pacchetto sms da acquistare potrai pagare con Carta di Credito, Bonifico Bancario Anticipato, Vaglia Postale Anticipato.

In quanto tempo viene attivato il servizio sms?
Immediatamente per i pagamenti eseguiti con Carta di Credito oppure alla ricezione via fax della copia di ricevuta del Bonifico Bancario/Vaglia Postale.

Acquistando più pacchetti prepagati ottengo un risparmio?
Si, perchè in fase di acquisto del nuovo pacchetto di sms prepagati, la procedura ricalcola la fascia di prezzo di appartenenza applicando il costo unitario per sms più vantaggioso; per esempio, se durante l'ultimo acquisto l'importo pagato è tale da raggiungere una fascia di prezzo superiore, i nuovi costi unitari più vantaggiosi del profilo Gold e Silver verranno automaticamente applicati a tutti i pacchetti sms acquistati in precedenza.


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