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MySQL is the world's most popular Open Source Database, designed for speed, power and precision in mission critical, heavy load use. The product is available at zero price under the GNU General Public License (GPL). NetRegister offer to his customers dedicated servers running the MySQL database at the address

Available as an option with a Unix website hosting account, a MySQL database, used with PHP scripting is a tried and tested web designer's favourite for building dynamic websites. The MySQL/PHP combination is ideally suited to solving those problems posed by web site designs that are not scalable, maintainable, or technically feasible using conventional HTML authoring techniques. MySQL provides a fast, reliable and easy-to-use database solution that is ideal for retrieving product information and storing customer information.

NetRegister install MySQL databases only under Unix operating systems, but you can download you Win32 version for your personal use from the official web site.

For security purposes, NetRegister does not allow remote connections to the MySQL database server. However, you can connect to your MySQL databases via PHP as well as Perl using DBI and/or the MySQL Perl modules, both of which are provided on your account.

How to order
This service is already included into the Unlimited Hosting Plans provided with the Additional Services. To start the service please go in your Domain Control Panel and click on Advanced Servers link, and follow the instructions. The MySQL account parameters will be sent immediatly to your preferred email. This service will be added to the Base Services already included with the domain transfer/registration.

MySQL Server Overview

The MySQL database server embodies an ingenious software architecture that maximises speed and customisability. Extensive reuse of pieces of code within the software and an ambition to produce minimalistic but functionally rich features have resulted in a database management system unmatched in speed, compactness, stability and ease of deployment. The unique separation of the core server from the table handler makes it possible to run MySQL under strict transaction control or with ultrafast transactionless disk access, whichever is most appropriate for the situation.

Today MySQL is the most popular open source database server in the world with more than 4 million installations powering websites, datawarehouses, business applications, logging systems and more. Customers such as Yahoo! Finance,, Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics, and Texas Instruments use the MySQL server in mission-critical applications.

Below are some links to MySQL documentation, tutorials, and mailing lists relating to MySQL:

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