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Graphical Web Stats

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We give you a choice of using Webalizer or Analog to track your Web usage statistics such as what domains are accessing your Web site, how many "hits" you are getting, how much data is being transferred and more. In addition, we give you direct access to your raw log files so you can analyze your statistics with other more full-featured programs.

The service can be activated at no additional costs. Start your real time report directly from the Domain Control Panel. The graphical statistic work well with both web and ftp access log files. A monthly traffic report will be automatically sent to your preferred email.

Webalizer Graphs

Stats for freedom Summary Period: Last 12 Months
Generated 06-Apr-2001 05:14 CDT

- Once you enter your control panel >> Web Stats , a page similar to this will greet you. Each graph or table has an explanation following it.
Usage summary for freedom

This graph gives you three main pieces of information.
1. In the blue and green is a graph of Pages/Files/Hits that your site has served.
2. In the yellow/orange is a graph of Visits/Sites that you site has recieved.
3. In the red is the amount of KBytes your site send out.

Summary by Month

MonthDaily AvgMonthly Totals

Apr 2001211114423769860841944 5922261865412666
Mar 200120101367287 1192744178655370089224239262336
Feb 2001224815982981482752186266414583594475962953
Jan 2001217313312691092797160026338783624127567378
Dec 20001485106720188256311792827316259 3309246060
Nov 20001268 943190 942434102610284657002831938068
Oct 2000165412532661102865148079343382483885551284
Sep 200014401110245892821115736269273513331743223
Aug 200015591102246952873129127296776413416848333
Jul 2000171910972521103371125634343278373401353307
Jun 2000198413062771143481143059343183153919459540
May 20002123137334313440811619304160106594257065818


The yearly (index) report shows statistics for a 12 Month period, and links to each month. The monthly report has detailed statistics for that month with addititional links to any URL's and referrers found. The definition of each term can be found below.

Definition of Terms:
Hits - Any request made to the server which is logged, is considered a 'hit'. The requests can be for anything (i.e. html pages, graphic images, audio files, cgi scripts, etc..) This number represents the total number of requests that were made to the server during the specified report period.

Files - Some requests made to the server, require that the server then send something back to the requesting client, such as html page or graphic image. When this happens, it is considered a 'file' and the files total is incremented.  The relationship between hits and files is that hits are an incoming request, whereas files are only when an actual file is sent in response to a hit. There are plenty of reasons why a hit may not result in a file - a 404 file not found error, for example.

Pages - Pages are any HTML document, or anything that generates an HTML document. This does not include the other stuff that goes into a document, such a graphic imgaes, audio clips, etc.. This number represents the number of 'pages' requested only, and does not include the other 'stuff' that is in the page. What actually constitutes a 'page' is anything with the extension '.htm', '.html', '.php', '.pl', '.phtml', or '.cgi'. Some people consider this the number of 'pure' hits, and some others call it 'Pageviews'.

Visits - Whenever a request is made to the server from a given IP address (site), the amount of time since a previous request by the address is calculated (if any). If the time difference is greater than a pre-configured 'visit timeout' value (or has never made a request before), it is considered a 'new visit', and this total is incremented (both for the stie and for the IP address). The default timeout value is 30 minutes (can be changed), so if a user visites your site at 1:00 in the afternoon, and then again at 3:00, two visits would be registered. Note: in the 'Top Sites' table, the visits total should be discounted on 'Grouped records, and thought of as the "Minimum number of visits" that came from the grouping instead. Note also: Visits only occur on PageType requests, that is, for any request whose URL is one of the 'page' types defined with the PageType option. Due to the limitation of the HTTP protocol, and other factors, this number should not be taken as absolutely accurate, but as a pretty close estimate.

Sites - Each request made to the server comes from a unique 'site', which can be referenced by a name or ultimagely, an IP address. The 'sites' number shows how many unique IP addresses made requests to the server during the reporting time period. This DOES NOT mean the number of unique individual users (real people) that visited, which is impossible to determine, but it's as close as you can get.
KBytes - The KBytes (kilobytes) value shows the amount of data, in KB, which was sent out by the server during the specified reproting period. This value is generated directly from the log file, so it is ukp to the web srver to produce accurate numbers in the logs. In general, this should be a fairly accurate representation of the amount of outgoing traffic the server had. (Note: A kilobye is 1024 bytes, not 1000 bytes)
Top Entry and Exit Pages - The Top Entry and Exit Pages give rough estimates of what URL's are used to enter your site, and what the last pages viewed are. Because of limitations in the HTTP protocol, this number should be taken as a good estimate, however it will give a good indication of the overall trend in where users come into, and exit, your site.
Referrer - The referrer table lists the full path's or URL's to the most requested pages on your website and the corresponding number of hits those pages recieved.
User Agents - User Agents gives you an indication of which version of web browser and operating sytem people are using to view your site with.
URL's - In this instance, URL's are a list of the most requested links to pages within your website.
Response Code - Hits by Response Code is something that is only used by someone maintaining a website. It allows the administrator to know if some links within the site are bad which would give the user an error code.
Search Strings - Search strings are the words people enter into a search engine (i.e. yahoo or google) that brought them to your site. This allows you to know what key words people are equating or corresponding to your website or company name.

Access to Raw Log Files
Download your raw log files to your own computer software for analysis.You may use your web site's raw log file with a third-party log analyzer to generate statistics in any manner you like: if you would like to gather more information from your log files and/or display it in a different format than that which is provided by our log analyzer, then you may wish to use a third party tool to analyze your site's raw log files.

NetRegister maintains 3 seperate log files on each domain name. These log files contain valuable information on who is visiting your website, referral information, errors encountered by visitors on your account, and FTP transfer information. Below is a table which outlines each log files and its purpose:

Log Files on
Name Description Path
Access LogLogs each hit to your web server/logs/
Error LogLogs any errors encountered on your web server/logs/
FTP Transfer LogLogs extensive information on every FTP transfer session /logs/xferlog

Your raw log files found in the /logs directory are automatically moved at midnight of the first day of every month. Finally, you can also have reports automatically e-mailed to you when your statistics are updated. The raw log file for your web site may be obtained from the Domain Control Panel.

How to order
this service is already included into the Base Services provided with the domain transfer/registration. The graphical statistics (generated in real time) for your web site may be viewed from the Domain Control Panel.

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Graphical Web Stats