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Anonymous FTP

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The service is not available at the moment.

Anonymous FTP is available by special request. Users will be able to access a portion of your web site without any authentication required. You can specify a directory within your web site in which you would allow Anonymous FTP access to. You can also specify the permissions you would like to set for your anonymous users.

Anonymous FTP allows you to make certain files on your account accessible to anyone via the File Transfer Protocol while using a certain login and any password. The File Transfer Protocol is commonly used to transfer files of ASCII and Binary type, and is the fastest method for file transport.

The advantage of using Anonymous FTP on your account is that you can use the File Transfer Protocol without needing to compromise security and/or assign a number of login and passwords for people wanting access. Anyone on-line can log into a restricted area of your website and download only those files you make accessible for direct download. Those who log into your account anonymously cannot upload files, create files or directories, nor can they edit any of the files you have available for download.

Remember that we do not allow you to have MP3 files, software, or any other material that infringes upon any international copyright laws available via anonymous FTP.

NetRegister does not allow anonymous uploading to your anonymous FTP site, as this would put your account at risk of violating our Terms of Service. Anonymous FTP sites are not to be utilized for any purpose that would violate the acceptable uses of your account.

You should be aware that we limit the total number of simultaneous FTP connections on your account to five (5) at any given time. This limitation includes your anonymous FTP and all other FTP logins you may have. Additionally, no more than three (3) connections from any single IP address may be made at any given time.

When visitors log into your Anonymous FTP site, you can welcome them with a personalized greeting. This greeting will show up in their FTP client or through the web as well. We have created a default greeting for your Anonymous FTP banner, which you can change in you Domain Control Panel. Once you have changed the banner, press the "Save Changes" button and your new greeting will be used. You will automatically be transported to a page where you can access your Anonymous FTP site via the web.
Note: when accessing Anonymous FTP via a web browser, this banner message may not automatically display. This is a browser issue, and not a service issue.

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