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POP3 E-mail accounts

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Each POP3 account you create has its own login and password. This allows you to provide POP3 accounts to people you know and those in your organization. POP3 accounts can be checked via any e-mail client and even from a web-based e-mail program.

A POP3 account is different than normal e-mail accounts in that each POP3 has its own login and password, unlike e-mail forwarding (or aliasing) which simply forwards e-mail sent to a specified e-mail address to another e-mail account. These additional POP3 accounts will come in handy if your organization has many employees who all need their own e-mail account.

Your new POP3 account(s) will take a maximum of 5 minutes (usually in real time) to be created by the mail server. Once activated, you can edit or delete your POP3 mail accounts in real time.

A personalised email such as or gives your business the professional image that has come to be expected from your customers. When you give your customers an email address that is you@your-Internet leaves a very poor impression. Furthermore putting this type of an email address on company stationery means that you need to re-print stationery every time you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Your own email address gives you independence aswell as an excellent image.
Use multiple emails addresses of different departments such as and to create an expanded image of your business. Remember that first impressions last!

Important features:

  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Max size of each email message: 10 Mbytes
  • Specific tools in the Control Panel for manage mailboxes

Also view our FAQs

Microsoft OutLook® Express Setup

To start the service please go in your Domain Control Panel and click on Additional Services link. The POP3 mailboxes can be configured/modified at each point in time during the 12-month period through your domain Control Panel. This service will be added to the Base Services already included with the domain transfer/registration.

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