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Automated Search Engine Submission
(NetMoto Light - NetMoto Professional)

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How can anyone find information on the Web ?
Search engines are programs that have two basic functions: identify and collect information/pages, and index the information into a searchable database. Programs called spiders (or webcrawlers) use lists of servers to find Web pages to use. read more

NetRegister Services provides Search Engine Placement services for companies who wish to have a truly effective presense on the web.

Because the internet is a global community and there are literally millions of sites that a person can gain instant access to it is essential to be ahead of the game with high search engine placement of your web site. 85% of all web users use search engines to find what they are looking for and the correct placement of a site can literally make the difference between a few hits and thousands of visitors to your site.

The key to your success on the Web is the right Marketing & Promotion program.

We offer packages that assure your Web site will get the most amount of qualified visitors to you:

NetMoto Light & NetMoto Professional are powerful tools that allows you to quickly list your web site on some of the most popular web search indexes. These web search indexes include:

•Alta Vista
•Hot Bot
•Infoseek Ultra
•What You Seek
•New Riders Yellow Pages

This is an effective way of ensuring that the site you create gets optimal audience and web traffic. While you can submit your site to search engines without the aid of this option, it can be a very time consuming process. NetMoto Service makes the process a quick and easy one.

Why Register with Search Engines

With the many millions of websites already online, and thousands more being added each day, your site falls deeper and deeper into the realm of www.can'
By registering you add your website to the selected search engine's list of sites to be spidered, crawled or indexed, thus improving your chances of being found by someone searching for what you have to offer. Most of the major search engines eventually try to index a majority of the sites online, but by not registering this could cause your site to go unnoticed for many many months.

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