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If you want your website to deliver excellent customer service and enable your customers to be able to search intuitively for your products, a database will become a vital component of your online strategy.

ODBC databases

An ODBC or Open Database Connectivity datasource allows you to use SQL queries to connect to an uploaded database file. Querying a database via ODBC is simple. SQL statements can be embedded into your Active Server Pages, with the query being executed when the page is requested. The output of the query can then be used to create the Web page. We currently support the following ODBC sources: Microsoft Access up to 2000, SQL up to 7.0 and Excel.

SQL Server

Combined with one of our NT website hosting accounts, SQL Server 7 offers the best features for publishing complex product information or deploying powerful e-commerce websites.

SQL Server 7 is easy to use and many routine tasks are automated. It is the scalable business solution with the ability to support very large e-commerce storefronts. When compared to ODBC, SQL Server's basic features are superior, offering better query performance, the flexibility to create and delete tables in an on-line database, and the automatic repair and compression of database files.

We are always at your full disposal for further information about the additional services at our Email: Commercial requests can be examined at our email:

SQL Server Overview

Business today demands a different kind of database solution. Performance, scalability, and reliability are essential, and time to market is critical. Beyond these core enterprise qualities, SQL Server 2000 provides agility to your data management and analysis, allowing your organization to adapt quickly and gracefully to derive competitive advantage in a fast-changing environment. From a data management and analysis perspective, it is critical to turn raw data into business intelligence and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the Web. A complete database and data analysis package, SQL Server 2000 opens the door to the rapid development of a new generation of enterprise-class business applications that can give your company a critical competitive advantage. The record-holder of important benchmark awards for scalability and speed, SQL Server 2000 is a fully Web-enabled database product, providing core support for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and the ability to query across the Internet and beyond the firewall. For a detailed description of SQL Server 2000, download the Product Guide or visit the Features page for more information.

Fully Web-Enabled

SQL Server 2000 provides extensive database programming capabilities built on Web standards. Rich XML and Internet standard support give you the ability to store and retrieve data in XML format easily with built-in stored procedures. You can also use XML updategrams to insert, update and delete data easily.

  • Easy access to data through the Web. With SQL Server 2000, you can use HTTP to send queries to the database, perform full-text search on documents stored in database, and run queries over the Web with natural language.

  • Powerful, flexible Web-based analysis. SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services capabilities are extended to the Internet. You can access and manipulate cube data by means of a Web browser.

Highly Scalable and Reliable

Achieve unparalleled scalability and reliability with SQL Server 2000. With scale up and scale out capabilities, SQL Server meets the needs of demanding ecommerce and enterprise applications.

  • Scale up. SQL Server 2000 takes advantage of symmetrical multiprocessor (SMP) systems. SQL Server Enterprise Edition can use up to 32 processors and 64 GB of RAM.
  • Scale out. Scale out distributes the database and data load across servers.
  • Availability. SQL Server 2000 achieves maximum availability through enhanced failover clustering, log shipping, and new backup strategies.

Fastest Time-to-Market

SQL Server 2000 is the data management and analysis backbone of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers. SQL Server 2000 includes tools to speed development from concept to final delivery.

  • Integrated and extensible analysis services. With SQL Server 2000, you can build end-to-end analysis solutions with integrated tools to create value from data. Additionally, you can automatically drive business processes based on analysis results and flexibly retrieve custom result sets from the most complex calculations.
  • Quick development, debugging, and data transformation. SQL Server 2000 features the ability to interactively tune and debug queries, quickly move and transform data from any source, and define and use functions as if they were built in to Transact-SQL. You can visually design and code database applications from any Visual Studio tool.
  • Simplified management and tuning. With SQL Server 2000, it is easy to manage databases centrally alongside all enterprise resources. Stay online while easily moving and copying databases across computers or between instances.
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